The proposed Public Safety Building will become the new headquarters of the Police and Fire departments in the Town of Charlton, as well as central dispatch for 9-1-1. the proposed building would be constructed on Masonic Home Road on 19.3 acres next to the current police station. 

The building will be 40,300 square feet of space to accommodate all Police, Fire and Dispatch services along with space for public use. This includes:

Fire Area

  • Fire Department Garage with 12 bays to House

    • 3 Ambulances

    • 3 Engines

    • 1 Tower

    • 1 Tanker

    • 1 Rescue

    • 1 Boat 

  • Turnout Gear Storage​

  • Male & Female Locker Rooms

  • Decon Area

  • SCBA Storage and Fill Station

  • EMS Storage

  • Conference Room

  • 6 Administrative Offices for

    • Chief​

    • Deputy Chief

    • Captain

    • Fire Inspector

    • EMS

    • Administrative Assistant

  • 8 Bunk Rooms​

  • Day Room

  • Kitchen/Dining Area

  • Report Writing Room

Police Area

  • 2 Bay Drive Thru Sally Port

  • 5 Prison Cells

  • 1 Juvenile Waiting Area

  • 3 Interview rooms

  • Evidence Processing and Holding Area

  • Prisoner Bulk Property Storage

  • Armory

  • Weapons Cleaning

  • Male & Female Locker Rooms

  • Conference Room

  • 7 Offices for

    • Chief

    • Lieutenant

    • Administrative Assistant

    • Detective

    • Report Writing​

    • Sergeants

    • Court Officer

  • Records Storage​

  • Break/Roll Call Room


  • 3 Dispatch Consoles 

  • Reception Desk

  • Supervisor's Office

  • Locker/Break Space

  • Communications Equipment Storage

Public/Shared Space

  • Shared Fitness & Tactical Training

  • Community/Training Room/EOC

  • Interview/Triage room

  • Public Restrooms

For a full outline of the building design, please visit the PLANS page.


The current Fire HQ on Power Station Road was built in 1958 after the flood. It was originally a 3-bay building and 2-additional bays were added in 1968.  Later, Bay Path students built the second floor on the station in 1986. Three years later, Charlton Fire became a full-time department with (3) members at the station only during the day.  Today Charlton Fire has a staffing of 23 full-time firefighters, many of them are paramedics, with on average (4) personnel working 24-hours a day.

The Town of Charlton leases land at two locations on Power Station Road for the fire department. One is next to headquarters and allows the firefighters a place to park and the other is across the street next to the post office.  This land is where the silver metal building is that houses our ladder truck.  During emergencies, the firefighters get their gear at headquarters then walk across the street to respond in the ladder truck.

Charlton Fire Department lacks adequate space for their firefighting equipment and space to get their gear on prior to getting on the apparatus.  They also lack proper equipment to decontaminate the firefighter gear.  This equipment is used to eliminate the cancer causing products on their firefighter gear. 

The proposed Public Safety Building will replace the 62-year-old 7,520 square-foot fire headquarters on Power Station Road and two fire department satellite stations.



The current Charlton Police Station lacks adequate facilities to perform their job.  

At almost 30 years old, the cells are aging and breaking. As parts are hard to come by, the department has had to cannibalize cells to get other cells to function. We also do not have any cells that have the new handicap standards or have a violent offender room, forcing us to use a restraint chair for prisoners who are violent or self-injurious.

Only one person under arrest can  be reasonably processed at a time, as there is no holding area.  When there are multiple arrests waiting to be booked, others have to wait in the back of the cruiser in the garage. Lockers were brought in a few years ago (they were donated) prior to this, Prisoner's property was out in the open as there was no place to put it and would get mixed up. 

The proposed Public Safety Building will replace the 29-year-old, 8,300 square foot police station on Masonic Home Road.


When the Charlton Police Department was built in 1991, the Dispatch Center was designed to house a phone, typewriter, radio and the state computer for checking for warrants and registry information. It did not even have a fax machine. 9-1-1 was barely in existence, if at all at this point. 9-1-1 calls would come in on a regular phone without any information. To get caller info, the dispatcher would call the phone company to trace the call. Additionally, dispatchers have to share the lockers with prisoners

The new building will house a modern 9-1-1 communications center for coordinated emergency response, emergency responder training and safe storage of town-owned emergency response and firefighting equipment. 

Information Provided by the Charlton Public Safety Building Committee & Tecton Architects